North Carolina Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat offers Free Informational Seminars to present the details of the LASIK procedure, and to answer questions prospective patients may have.

Q. Are there any long-term effects from laser eye surgery?
This question has been studied at length and in depth for many years. The very best evidence that we have today    is that there are no long-term negative effects from this type of surgery.

Q. Are there any risks involved at all?
A. Use of the excimer laser is a surgical procedure, and there are always risks from any type of surgery. Experts estimate that the risk of a serious complication from this surgery is less than 1%. We encourage you to attend one of our Informational Seminars, when all of your questions about the procedure will be answered in detail.

Q. Can I have both eyes corrected on the same day?
A. With the LASIK procedure, we normally  perform the procedure on both eyes on the same day if both require correction.  Still have questions?  Call Christy Glosson at 919-595-2160 to get all of your questions answered.

Q. Do I have to be hospitalized for this procedure?
A. No. Laser vision correction surgery is performed on-site at the North Durham office, with our own Visx Star-4–the finest instrument of its kind.

Q. Has anyone ever gone blind from excimer laser eye surgery?
A. No. More than one million patients in 52 countries have greatly improved their vision as a result of excimer laser technology. No cases of blindness have been reported from either the PRK or LASIK procedures.

Q. How long will the procedure actually take?
A. On surgery day, plan to visit the office for approximately two hours. You’ll spend from 15-20 minutes  in the procedure room per eye. Your family and friends are invited to wait for you in our recovery room. You will need a responsible adult to drive you home.

Q. Is the procedure painful?
A. It’s unlikely that you will experience any pain during the treatment, as the doctor applies effective numbing eye drops. Following treatment, it’s possible you will feel a slight stinging and gritty sensation in your eye. These symptoms are temporary and usually disappear in a few hours. Most LASIK patients experience a noticeable improvement in vision the day following surgery. The great majority of patients have good functional vision on the first day. Vision typically continues to improve steadily for a period of some months. However, patients are individuals and heal differently.

Q. Will I have perfect vision after the procedure? Will I still need my glasses?
A. The wonderful news is that 99% of our refractive surgery patients achieve vision of 20/40 or better within a reasonably short time after the procedure. That is a level of vision, for example, that permits you to drive a car without glasses.