Accent Modification - North Carolina Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat

What is Accent Modification?

Accent modification is a systematic method for changing speech patterns, including pronunciation, voice production, intonation, and rhythm.

The goal of foreign accent modification is to help individuals with mild or strong foreign accent or those in need of general speech improvement to develop
clear pronunciation of English.

What Can Be Addressed?

  • Accent Modification and Dialect Training
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Training
  • Social Speaking Skills
  • Voice Improvement

International professionals who speak English as a second language often encounter difficulties with communication. In spite of their good command of the English language, their pronunciation or intonation patterns may interfere with the ability to be clearly understood. Fortunately, a way exists to relieve the frustration individuals may feel because of their accents

Who Can Benefit from Training?

  • You can benefit from completing an accent modification program if your accent impacts your ability to:
  • Communicate effectively with patients, clients, colleagues, or friends
  • Be understood without having to repeat yourself
  • Feel confident in your communications
  • Complete business presentations/meetings
  • Communicate effectively on the phone

What Can I Expect?

  • An initial evaluation and recording of your speech
  • An individualized program based on phonetic analysis of your speech
  • A training manual and practice exercises with step-by-step procedures to follow
  • Home exercises for daily practice

About the Program

Every client receives an initial evaluation, instruction by a licensed speech pathologist, all training materials, and weekly home assignments . Our individual program offers a private tutoring session on a weekly basis.

Our 13-week program is our standard program designed for individuals whose accents impact communication in work and social settings.

Program Focus:

Intelligibility of sounds at word, sentence, and conversational levels

  • Impact of non-verbal communication
  • Use of idioms, contraction, and articles of speech
  • Rate, intonation, and volume of speech
  • Basic presentation skills

Our commitment is to help you develop greater confidence and competence in your business and personal communications.