Sinus Problems Range from Minor to Chronic Problems - Let NCEENT Help!

Sinusitis Overview

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Sinuses are empty chambers within the bones of your head. Filled with air, they resonate, or vibrate, aiding speech. Just as your mouth produces saliva, healthy, clear sinuses constantly produce and drain mucus without your even knowing it.

Sinus Treatment

Before effective treatment can begin, your doctor needs to conduct a thorough evaluation. This helps your doctor decide whether your sinuses are really the problem and, if so, helps uncover the cause — whether colds, allergies or obstructions.

Since Acute Sinusitis is often painful and you may feel as though you need extreme measures to get well.
Medication helps combat the underlying cold or allergy, so your sinuses can recover.

Self-care can keep sinuses moist and make you feel more comfortable. Pay attention to your doctor’s instructions about care and follow-up visits. If you’re on antibiotics and not feeling better by the end of the treatment course, your doctor may change your antibiotics, order further tests or physically drain your sinuses.

If medication isn’t completely effective and Sinusitis recurs continually, your physician may recommend a surgical procedure depending on the cause of your sinus problem and which sinuses are involved.

Pediatric Services Available

At NCEENT, we take care of each child as if they were our own. By offering a wide range of pediatric services, including pediatric sinus care, our providers treat a vast number of common disorders.