Coblation Treatment

Coblation is advanced technology that quickly and effectively removes and shrinks soft tissue inside the turbinates using gentle radio-frequency energy and natural saline.  

Enlarged Turbinates Overview

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Turbinates are small, bony structures located in the nasal airway covered with mucous membranes. Allergies or other conditions can cause irritation, inflammation, and enlargement of turbinates, resulting in the blocked nasal airway we know as “stuffy nose:’

Coblation is not a heat-driven process.  It is a quick outpatient procedure that enables your Otolaryngologist to remove and shrink soft tissue inside the enlarged turbinates with a specifically designed device. This procedure takes less than 10-minutes.  Patients can experience a 50% reduction in nasal obstruction within one week. 

North Carolina EENT has offices in Cary, Durham, and Chapel Hill for coblation treatment.

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