Contact Lens

We work with many different vendors to help deliver the best vision we can achieve with our latest contact lens.  Our optometrist works with hard contact lenses to soft contact lenses, as well as hybrid contacts.

Soft contacts:

Daily multifocal contacts, ex. Total One MF by Alcon, BioTrue One Day by Baush and Lomb
Daily single vision contacts, ex. MyDay Daily contacts by Coopervision, Oasys One Day w/Hydralux by Vistakon
Custom soft contacts by Art Optical

Hard contacts:
Multifocal to single vision to scleral contacts, Art Optical and Synergeyes

Hybrid contacts:
Multifocal to single vision to specialty, Synergeyes

Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluations

A comprehensive eye exam must be performed prior to a contact lens fitting.  This ensures that the ocular surface is healthy and can support contact lenses.  Contact lenses are considered medical devices and are regulated by the FDA.  Your doctor understands these regulations and abides by each guideline when fitting and giving instruction for your contact lens wear.  Because of these regulations, a comprehensive exam and fitting must be performed before contact lenses can be dispensed and a contact lens prescription is given.

Details of the Fitting:

CONTACT LENS EXAM: Your provider will assess your corneal health and shape.  The doctor will also take measurements of your iris, your pupil, your tear film dry eye, your eyelids for allergies, and your corneal diameter.  There will be a vertex distance obtained from the back surface of you glasses to the front surface of your cornea as well.  The doctor will use this data to calculate and strategically select a trial lens that will best fit your eye and provide vision to meet your daily demands through the use of astigmatic lenses, spherical lenses, multifocal lenses and other various specialty lenses.

THE CONTACT LENS FITTING: The corneal map/shape of the eye will be taken into account when selecting the size, curve, diameter, and manufacturer of your contact lens. Your doctor will select the contact lens that provides the best possible vision while maintaining the health of your eyes. 

FOLLOW UP EXAMS: Occasionally, follow up appointments are needed to ensure the healthiest fit and vision in your contact lenses.  This is most commonly seen in first time wearers, upper level fits, and specialty contact lens fits.  Each follow up appointment is included in your evaluation fee up to 90 days.