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For Roxboro Hearing Aid Information:

If you suspect a hearing loss, the first step may be an appointment with an Audiologist for proper testing and evaluation. Testing is painless, comfortable and safe. It includes checking your ability to recognize everyday words at different volume levels and to hear different tones.

How Hearing Aids Work

Inside each hearing aid, a microphone picks up sound waves from the air and converts them to electrical signals. These are made louder by an amplifier and then the receiver converts the processed signal back into sound waves and directs them into your ear.

Studies show that, even when a hearing loss is more severe in one ear, many people with hearing loss can still benefit from the natural sound-gathering ability of both ears.
Research has shown the following benefits of wearing two hearing aids (binaural amplification) over wearing just one:
  • A more normal, “balanced” sound
  • Better overall sound quality
  • Better understanding in group situations
  • more relaxed listening experience (never having to turn to use the “good” ear)

With the ability to set volume controls lower, the wearer is able to hear sound at a softer, more comfortable level.

If you have a hearing loss that might be helped with hearing aids, your hearing care professional can select the right model to fit your Roxboro  lifestyle.