Cataract Surgery Post-Operative Instructions

Immediately following surgery, go home, rest and take a nap.

You may be sent home with a plastic shield over your eye. If so, leave it on the day of surgery and sleep in it that night. Remove it when you wake up the next morning. In some cases, you may not leave with the shield on your eye, but you are instructed to wear it while sleeping at night. In both cases, please continue to wear the shield while sleeping for 1 week.

It is normal for the eye to have a slight foreign body sensation or irritation, and for the vision to be blurry. It is also likely to have floaters in the immediate post-operative period. You may sleep with your head slightly elevated to help reduce the likelihood of floaters.

Once the shield is removed, try to keep the eye clean and dry. Do not touch or rub your eye. Try to avoid getting water in the eye. You CAN take a shower; just try not to let water go directly into your eye.

Avoid strenuous activity for 2 weeks. No yard work for 2-weeks (to prevent dirt from getting in your eye).

For comfort, inside or outside, you may wear the sunglasses that we provided. These can be worn over your current glasses or alone.

Email your surgeon through our Patient Portal or call (919)-595-2000 if you have any further questions regarding these post cataract surgery instructions.