Testing and Treatment for Allergies at NCEENT

Testing and Treatment for Allergies at NCEENT

Allergy season is near. NCEENT offers testing and treatment to help you manage spring allergies before the tree and grass pollen begin to bother you. Learn more at our Allergy page.

Act before you react witih allergy testing and treatment at NCEENT!

Get Tested:  It is the first step in treating symptoms of allergic disease.

Allergen Avoidance - Try to avoid the outdoors when conditions are most allergenic.  The most active period of pollen release is in the mid-morning and early evening.  Dry and windy conditions disperse pollen more than cool, wet conditions.

Wash bedding in hot water - Mattress and pillowcase covers can help avoid dust mite exposure.  Washing bed linens, blankets, and stuffed animals at a high temperature (120ยบ F) can remove many dust mites.

Try OTC medication - If symptoms persist, over-the-counter medicines can be effective.  Nasal steroid spray (such as fluticasone)( can help nose and eye symptoms.  Eye drops (e.g. olopatadine) can help itchy, watery eyes.  Anti-histamine spray (like azelastine) can be effective for nasal congestion and drainage.  Allergy medicines "by mouth" such as levocetirizine (a non-sedating anti-histamine) and montelukast (a leukotriene inhibitor) help many people.

Consider under the tongue therapy - If allergen avoidance and otc medicines are not beneficial, the next step is immunotherapy.  NCEENT offers sublingual immunotherapy, under the tongue, allergy treatment.  It is a custom "cocktail" of allergens - tailored to treat each patient's specific sensitivities.Allergy Testing at NCEENT