Summer Reading Program at NCEENT

Summer Reading Program at NCEENT

While the Common Core Standards attempt to standardize the specific goals for what type of texts a child should be able to read and how they should be able to respond to what they read, the standards do not specify how we should teach children to read.  Research has demonstrated throughout the years that a structured phonics based approach to teaching reading is the most effective way for beginning and struggling readers to learn how to read.  Yet, many beginning and struggling readers are still learning to read through a primarily sight word based approach to teaching reading.

What used to be a main component of the first grade curriculum is now the focal point of the kindergarten curriculum.  Kindergarten classrooms have prominently displayed word walls and kindergarten students are busy memorizing how to read and spell sight words like the, have, because, some, come, all, for, and you in the absence of learning how to consistently sound out developmentally appropriate readable words like cat, map, hit, leg, bug, etc.   Fortunately, most children will learn to read using a sight word approach, without much difficulty.

However, the International Dyslexia Association estimates that 10% of children demonstrate some type of dyslexia, or specific reading disorder.  For these children, a phonics-based approach that is logical, sequential, and organized provides the tools these children need to think through reading and spelling tasks, thereby taking the guesswork and frustration out of reading.

Older students who continue to struggle with reading multi-syllabic words and reading comprehension, might be struggling in part because they haven’t learned specific word attack strategies for decoding unfamiliar words.  Research has shown that when we provide older students with intensive phonics based instruction, their ability to decode accurately and to understand what they are reading also improves.

NCEENT is offering phonics -based instruction in an intensive, small group program.  This program will run from 8:00 am to noon. The program will help children:

Grades K- 2:

  • Learn phonics and word attack skills through a multisensory structured language approach to teach reading

  • Develop fluency

  • Build comprehension

  • Develop independent reading skills

 Grades 3-5:

  • Address specific weaknesses in phonics and spelling

  • Build comprehension

  • Develop an interest in reading around appropriately leveled literature

  • Develop the ability to write about books through creative, highly structured writing assignments.

The program will also include instructions for parents. For more information, call the Speech Team at (919) 595-2006.