My LASIK Generation! - Your Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Roxboro LASIK Surgeons

My LASIK Generation! - Your Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Roxboro LASIK Surgeons

There is little doubt, that in terms of vision correction, we are in the exciting LASIK Generation! In general terms, up to the early 20th century there was the horse and buggy generation, then the automobile generation. Silent film, “talkies,” Television, videotape, DVD, internet video, downloadable video. So now we’re going to skip a lot of other industries because I think you get the point, which is: there was the monocle and then bifocals—the eyeglasses generation, then the contact lens gen, and now—let’s get real—we are the LASIK Generation!

We’ve had a lot of history and gone into some of the technological depths of LASIK recently, so let’s branch out from the roots and bite into the fruits of laser vision-correction labor. After all, cui bono? Who can benefit, from LASIK? Well, maybe anybody who’s saying or thinking things like:

“I know people who have perfect vision after having LASIK surgery, but that “S” word, surgery on my eyes? What about the risks?”

“Glasses are a burden, and those imprints they leave on my nose, and I’m always having to clean them, but I’ve tried contacts and, no way.”

“Hmmm, nearsightedness is beginning to impede my sports performance.”

“I’ve heard a lot about LASIK and I think I resonate with it, but can I afford it?”

These are some pressing issues people are having when it comes to making that big transition from old technology—bridging the generation gap—to the latest and, yes it’s a cliche (but a fact), greatest, state-of-the-art (down, Cliche Monster!) methodology for improving not only your vision itself but also the efficiency of how you are able to take the greatest advantage of your improved vision. People with imperfect vision who wear glasses or contacts can see better, but a mainframe computer works, too, for some things. Okay, so my geekness is betraying me, but I’ll admit it, I like using the most advanced technology (I can afford) for every purpose.

Your Eyesight is Number One

But I’m also compassionate. I know your eyesight is numero uno of the five senses—I, you know what I mean. We all need to make the most informed, educated choices we can when it comes to any kind of surgery including laser vision correction. So, since I mentioned education, we need to do our homework if we’re going to make the right choice, whether taking a test or deciding on a method of vision correction, and that’s been true for every generation. Today, we have the internet for research, and we have our local eye surgeon’s office. So do your fact finding, your information gathering, and have a thorough eye exam and consultation with a LASIK surgeon, before deciding whether you will join the LASIK Generation : ) (And no, I don’t think there’s any technological improvement possible on a smile…)