LASIK: Wait, why should I have it?

LASIK: Wait, why should I have it?

Every so often it may be useful to remind ourselves why we do or no longer do something—or why we might do something new. Case in point: LASIK or laser vision correction. Especially with the active summer season rapidly approaching, you may be thinking now is the time to free yourself of the perennial encumbrance of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Of course doubt creeps in once you’ve made a decision. But you recover, asking yourself, Cui bono? Who benefits? Why, of course, you do. Right. Be disencumbered…You envision the summer—biking, water-skiing, hiking, hang-gliding—your recreation of choice—not to mention all the photography you’ve been planning to do once you lose your glasses, I mean…

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Now all the memories rush in like a flood: all the snafus, interference, the hassle your contacts or glasses have been in the past—and not just in summer! No wonder you’ve been considering LASIK. You actually already had a consultation with a LASIK surgeon—exactly one year ago, you now recall! Okay, the stars hadn’t quite lined up then, or you couldn’t see them…

LASIK Surgery - Consistently Making Your Vision Better

The results of LASIK are the most accurateWhat did the LASIK surgeon say? Of all the “non-hardware” vision correction he provides, the results of LASIK are the most accurate, consistent, and the best—consistently making your vision better than with glasses or contact lenses.

That’s right. But you were concerned about the cost of LASIK. Point-counterpoint, lunge-parry—your LASIK surgeon explained that the cost of LASIK is less than the cost of a lifetime of wearing glasses or contacts—and low-interest LASIK financing is available. Why didn’t you go for it then? I know.

And as if it were necessary, the last fact which might have helped you see the light: with LASIK, after the post-operative healing period, your eyesight is normally stable for 10-20 years, depending on your age at the time of the surgery.

And now you remember looking up the facts which state that statistics show after LASIK surgery, 90 percent of patients have at least 20/20 vision. The remaining 10 percent see 20/40 or better – required vision for no restriction on a N.C. Driver’s License!  You could also opt for a follow-up procedure, at no additional cost, to achieve 20/20.

So, why wait another year?  Call today for an appointment and enjoy your Summer spectacle free!

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