LASIK Unique - Your Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Roxboro LASIK Surgeons

LASIK Unique - Your Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Roxboro LASIK Surgeons

Everybody has been made to feel special at one time or another, and some of us more times than others! But let’s talk about that special feeling of someone caring for us, caring about us when it comes to discussing whether LASIK is the best vision-correction method to treat our unique eyes and vision.

LASIK for your unique eyesFirst let’s look at a temporary situation. If you have pink eye, for example, obviously let’s get that healed before coming in to the eye surgery center for a LASIK consultation. Other temporary conditions might be another kind of infection, an injury, dry eye, etc. In the case of dry eye, which is more an ongoing treatable condition, your eye doctor will be able to detect that during your consultation and treat it during your LASIK pre-operative period, so everything can be on schedule including your LASIK surgery day itself!

The Uniqueness of your Eye

Permanent uniquenesses of your eyes must also be very carefully considered. Because the LASIK procedure improves your vision by reshaping the cornea, or front surface of the eye, your cornea must be sufficiently thick. The size of your pupils is another consideration. Your vision prescription, whether for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmation, must be within a certain range. At your eye surgeon’s discretion, you may have to be at least 18 years of age, although there is no upper age limit.

Last but certainly not least, eye surgeons will not perform LASIK on women while they are pregnant or nursing, because hormonal changes in the body can temporarily change the shape of the cornea and vision.

Well, these are kind of the macro requirements for LASIK to know about ahead of time. But your eye surgeon during your consultation will cover much more ground with you, the unique you, because you put the “u” in unique! So here’s to you seeing better!