LASIK or Visian ICL? - Your Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Roxboro LASIK Surgeons

LASIK or Visian ICL? - Your Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Roxboro LASIK Surgeons

Readers of this blog have a pretty good idea of what LASIK is. But what about Visian ICL?

Visian ICL may be the next generation of vision correction technology. It’s a simple, short, 15-minute procedure, which could be an alternative to LASIK. We shall see.

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While LASIK is the most advanced, state of the art procedure for laser vision correction, now Visian ICL gives patients a non-laser (but still) surgical vision correction option. How would you decide between the two?

Again, regular readers of this blog understand what the Intralase laser does as the first step in LASIK, and what the Excimer laser does in the second step.

Vision Correction Technology Advancements

The Visian ICL procedure involves:LASIK or Visian ICL?  Which is best for your eyes?

* Creating an incision in the eye and implanting a collamer lens between the iris and the natural lens.

* The Visian ICL lens is invisible to you and to everyone else, nor can you feel it.

* Recovery takes from one to two days.

* Reportedly, Visian ICL provides high definition vision that is sharper, clearer, and more depth and dimension than alternate vision correction procedures.

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* The major advantage is that the Visian ICL lens can be removed if a more advanced technology is developed and the patient wants that, or if the patient develops vision problems.

* The Visian ICL lens blocks UV rays.

* The Visian ICL procedure does not contribute to or cause dry eye.

Now it’s all up to you and your vision correction surgeon!