Eye Doctor in Durham, NC Detects and Treats Strabismus in Children

Eye Doctor in Durham, NC Detects and Treats Strabismus in Children

Does your child have double vision or crossed eyes? He/she may need vision correction for a condition called strabismus, which is characterized by ocular misalignment. Writing for About.com, Troy Bedinghaus, O.D. lists the top signs that indicate the presence of the disorder.

“Tilting the head can be a sign of an eye muscle imbalance or strabismus. A child may have double vision when looking down or in a certain direction. Tilting the head may minimize the double vision to a more manageable level.

Skipping lines or losing your place while reading can be a sign of a vision problem. Often, astigmatism or an eye muscle problem such as strabismus is to blame.

A child who covers one eye to read is simply shutting the eye with the poorer vision off so that it does not interfere with their vision. An uncorrected vision problem in one eye can increase a child’s risk of developing amblyopia [or lazy eye]. Covering one eye can also be a sign of double vision caused by strabismus or a more serious medical problem, such as a cataract.”

Either constantly or intermittently, the condition may manifest in the eye appearance. The eyes may be visibly crossed or misaligned (i.e. one is deviated upward, downward, or to the side). Alternatively, the eyes may not move together, or one or both eyes may move to another direction while looking at something—a condition known as “wandering eye”. Older children may also complain of double vision or sensory loss in one eye. If these signs are present in your child, take him/her to aneye doctor in Durham, NC for diagnosis and treatment.

Identification and treatment of strabismus in patients from Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Roxboro

There are various possible causes behind strabismus. The most common is farsightedness or other focusing problems that have been left untreated. Other congenital or genetic diseases like Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, and cataracts; as well as bleeding, tumorous, or nervous disorders may also result in strabismus. These conditions can weaken the eye muscle or the nerve that controls it, and manifest as crossed eyes.

An experienced Durham eye doctor who treats children with strabismus, such as Dr. Marguerite Sullivan of North Carolina Eye, Ear Nose & Throat, can be consulted to detect the condition, or the risks of developing one. A certified orthoptist will perform a complete eye exam to confirm the diagnosis. Glasses, medications, surgery, and eye exercises may be prescribed to address the condition before it becomes worse.

(Source: Top 10 Signs Your Child Needs Vision Correction, About.com, May 20, 2014)

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