Chapel Hill, Cary - Dry Eye Treatment

Chapel Hill, Cary - Dry Eye Treatment

What is dry eye?

Dry Eye is a complex condition that develops when the eye doesn’t produce enough tears.

Are there many forms of dry eye? 

There are two main forms of dry eye; tear deficient dry eye and evaporative dry eye. Tear deficient dry eye occurs when tears do not contain enough water. Evaporative dry eye, the more predominant form of  dry eye, happens when tears evaporate  from the eye’ surface and leads to dryness.

When you have dry eye, it can feel like something is in your eye or your experience stinging or burning eyes. NCEENT now offers a new spa-like treatment that relieves the dry eye and helps your eyes make more tears.

Find out how our Thermal 1-Touch™ improves your eyes’ health.  For more FAQ about Chapel Hill, Cary Dry Eye, click here!