Acupuncture Meridians And Their Use @ BIOBELL

Acupuncture Meridians And Their Use @ BIOBELL

Acupuncture Meridians And Their Use

Qi is the special concept that governs the fascinating oriental culture which revolves around the fundamental elements of life and also around the creation and development of the universe in itself. It is often times referred to as a vital breath which is also strongly related to the yin and yang concepts, bringing together both people and the universe. Qi is hence also found inside the human body, and it can be identified with the help of meridians that come together in certain points called chakras or energy points.

How Does Qi Manifest Inside The Body?

The sensations vary from one person to the other; tingling or heating sensations count among some of the common signs of the presence of Qi inside the body. The entire network of energy points that crosses our bodies has been identified by doctors practicing traditional medicine in China. If you are looking for some modern day professional doctors, discover more here on the Unimed web site. We are talking about more than 400 points used during acupuncture sessions which are located across 20 important channels or pathways. We can find 12 main meridians inside the body and each organ or Yin meridian has its own corresponding viscus or Yang meridian. For instance, the heart is connected to the small intestine, the lungs are connected to the large intestine, and the gall bladder is connected to the liver. The body also has 8 extraordinary meridians and a couple of them have their customized sets of points. The 8 meridians are regarded as the energy deposits of the body. For instance, the governing vessel meridian is found in the spine and is allows the flow of the Kundalini energy that develops in the middle of the spinal cord, going through the chakras. The front Mu and back Shu points are in direct connection with the body’s organs and they can heal sick organs and visceras related to them.